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Kafou Development Company (KDC).

We operate in the field of Business Development aimed to foreign companies.

We offer services useful to simplify the process of entering Saudi Arabia's market helping these companies by covering legal aspects which might be new to them.

We aim to create strong and long term agreements to allow us to cooperate with you and market your products and services within the Kingdom.

If you also are looking to start working in the Middle East area and are part of an established and well known company then do not hesitate in trying to contact us. We will be reviewing our presentation and give you our feedback as soon as possible.

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Kafou Development Co. (KDC) was established in 2013 as a new subsidiary of Kafou Group with the specific mission of growing business within and also outside the group.

Kafou Group is present on the territory of Saudi Arabia since 1983 and now counts a total of 7 subsidiaries which operate in different sectors ranging from investments to energy, from medical to services, from marketing to food commodities. KDC has recently acquired several agencies with European companies and is aiming to acquire even more in the near future.

We are constantly searching for new companies which would like to start working within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but at the same time are unaware of what is the process to do so. We assist these companies and we help them with legal aspects which will be extremely difficult to be achieved on their own.

KDC is capable of marketing your product and thanks to open collaboration with Kafou Technical Services Co Ltd. ( http://www.ktsco.com.sa/ ) we are also able to cover all the technical difficulties related to Operation & Maintenance.

The strength of Kafou branches is relying on each other and working together as a team. With this strategy always in mind, we are capable of offering a 360° service which differences us from every other.


Representation of foreign companies willing to enter Saudi Arabia's market. For these companies we offer the opportunity to establish an agency agreement and to start immediately to market your product or services within the Kingdom


Marketing of your products will be done through KAFOU Group reputable client base thanks to our presence in Saudi Arabia since 1983. Your products & services will be offered through our Sales Team and will target specifically customers in your field

Conducting Operations

Conducting operations to de-allocate man power for execution of works made according your standards thanks to the support of our branch Kafou Technical Services Co Ltd.


Consulting allows you to gain specific information on procedures which are typically used in Saudi Arabia or even Strategic Insider information for your prospects.

Business Development

Business development will allow you to grow your brand in the Kingdom by giving them commercial support and also highly qualified technical support through our branch KTS and through your technicians.

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance to help you on registration of agencies or joint ventures for execution of contracts or to expand your brand by opening local branches when the demand of your products grows over our capabilities.

If you also are looking to start working in the Middle East area and are part of an established and well known company then do not hesitate in trying to

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We will be reviewing our presentation and give you our feedback as soon as possible.

MHPS Saudi Arabia
John Brown Asia
Saudi Electicity Company
Saudi Aramco
Saudi Arabian Mining Company
Saline Water Converstion Corporation
Schneider Electric
King Fahd University of Petrolium & Minerals
Saudi Cement Company
General Electric
SNC Lavalin

Ethics and Compliance

Kafou Group is very committed in fair business practices and we are fully aware of the importance that behaving fairly will reflect on our partners’ reputation.

KDC is strongly committed in monitoring all activities in the market in order to secure that no bribery or similar misconduct could be part of the business run by Kafou Group.

The most of our international partners have a compliance policy in place and KDC is granting that it will apply when business is coming through Kafou Group.

Besides that pure compliance, KDC is also following best practices in order to not infringe any anti-trust international laws. For that reason, full transparency in commercial activities and not disclosure of any confidential info, it is part of our commitment with all international companies we are working with.