Ethics and Compliance

Ethic And Compliance

Ethics and Compliance

Kafou Group is very committed in fair business practices and we are fully aware of the importance that behaving fairly will reflect on our partners’ reputation.

KDC is strongly committed in monitoring all activities in the market in order to secure that no bribery or similar misconduct could be part of the business run by Kafou Group.

The most of our international partners have a compliance policy in place and KDC is granting that it will apply when business is coming through Kafou Group.

Besides that pure compliance, KDC is also following best practices in order to not infringe any anti-trust international laws. For that reason, full transparency in commercial activities and not disclosure of any confidential info, it is part of our commitment with all international companies we are working with.

If you also are looking to start working in the Middle East area and are part of an established and well known company then do not hesitate in trying to

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