Our Partners

Our Partners


ATLA is one of the most important companies in the world in repairing blades and vanes for gas turbines. Associated to Mitsubishi MHPS, it is a strategic partner for high quality service maintenance of gas turbines.

MHPS Saudi Arabia

We are authorized distributors of Mitsubishi parts in Saudi Arabia. Mitsubishi is today manufacturing the most innovative and efficient gas turbines, class J, and their running park is increasing every year on worldwide basis.

John Brown Asia

John Brown Asia is a Gas Turbine Original Equipment Manufacturer with Operation & Maintenance experience. They are an integrated solution provider for GE units with over 4000 MW erected and commissioned worldwide.


Jeumont Electric is one of the top supplier to the market of production and conversion of electric power. Alternators, electric engines, synchronous condensers are some of main products Jeuomont is manufacturing, giving taylor- made solutions for any kind of customer. Our contract with Jeuomont is related to repairs of their machines, but we are also exploring areas of business in order to supply brand new machines

If you also are looking to start working in the Middle East area and are part of an established and well known company then do not hesitate in trying to

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